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Secrets of a Celtic Mystic

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Icelandic Horses

Discover Your Animal Spirit: Discover Yourself

Within each of us lies the potential for forging a sacred relationship that can change our lives. Spirit Animals can open an ancient doorway to the mysterious realm of the soul.


By working with Spirit Animals we learn that the sacred and day-to-day realities are one and the same.


We are meant to connect with animals and plants– not just superficially, but at a deeper level within the mysterious realm of spirit. 


There are many benefits of working with Your Spirit Animal, such as:

- Experiencing the world in a way previously beyond the scope of your limited perceptions

- Discovering your unique characteristics revealed to allow you to fully own and use them

-Discovering greater freedom and wisdom in your life

-Deepening your connection to Nature, the Creator, your own Soul


Nature Quest© 

I founded Nature Quests over 15 years ago and have helped hundreds of people from eight countries connect to nature to find wisdom, healing, and joy.


I use ancient Celtic practices and ways that have been passed down from my ancestors to help participants commune deeply with nature and receive many benefits.


I have also studied nature as a scientist and award winning conservationist and bring knowledge of the newest scientific discoveries that reinforce my ancestors innate wisdom.


 Experience beauty and peace. Gain health, answers to important questions, deep insights, connection to a sacred domain, and more.


With my Nature based quest, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Forest Trail
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Ancient Celtic Reading

Discover the Secret of the Meaning of Your Birthday based on ancient Celtic Wisdom.

In this Unique - One of a Kind Reading - not offered by anyone else on the Planet  - Catriona will share with you the Secrets that Your Birth-Day reveals about you to help you gain a better understanding about your strengths, and how to overcome any limitations to transform your life for the better.

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