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Welcome to my services. I love to help people experience the sacred aspects of Nature via vision quests and Nature Quests (Which) I founded.

I also offer a few other services - some of which can be done remotely such:

- Celtic Trilogy Reading

- Space Clearing - Removing Non-Beneficial Energies

- Discover Your Spirit Animal-Discover Yourself & more


Inspiration for Body, Mind & Spirit in the Heart of Nature

All of the offerings and services are beneficial to your well being, health and seek to deepen your relationship to nature, yourself and others, & elevate your creativity.


Services range from one to one readings, coaching offered by Catriona, to group programs online and in person at inspiring places around the world.

Nature Quest

Discover peace, clarity, wisdom, beauty and a mystical connection to the natural world.  Nature Quest™ is your path to greater wholeness bringing yourself into deep connection to the natural world and the sacred within all things.  Catriona offers Nature Quest at different locations for groups & can design a Nature Quest experience for your group.

Interested in becoming a Nature Quest leader? Catriona offers Nature Quest certifications after a course of study and successfully completing her 3 month program.

Meditation in Nature & Meditative Hikes

There is no better place to commune with the peace-filled sacred within you than in nature. Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi Tree, come learn how to meditate out of doors in a focused meditation session or on one of Catriona's meditative half day hikes.

Celtic Trilogy Reading: Discover the Meaning of Your Birthday

For thousands of years, ancestors deciphered numbers as secret codes to reveal the gifts that were given to each child at birth. What are your gifts and moreover - are you using your gifts based on an intuitive reading of your present handwriting.

Eagle Flying

Nature Quest

Nature and the animals can teach you many things that you may never learn on your own or from another person. Step outside of societal constructs to engage the wild soul within yourself. Find your passion, experience oneness with nature, step into courage.

Nature Based Meditation

Meditation has been and continues to be over thousands of years -the proven method - to transformation.


Who are you really at the core of your being?

What might your life be like if you could access divine wisdom?

Nature is a portal to a sacred realm - come experience this place of peace and beauty for yourself.

Meditating in Nature
Catriona Girl Raising Arms ro Sky_edited.jpg

Mystical "Shamanic" Journeys

We are so much more than the here and now and we have so many helpers and allies to call upon. Experience fully a "Past Life Journey" or a "Spirit Animal Journey" and by diving deep into the realm of the subconscious return with jewels of insight to benefit your life here and now!

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