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by author Catriona MacGregor


“In Secrets of a Celtic Mystic, Catriona MacGregor explores the magic of nature and our precarious relationship with the “outdoors” from the perspective of a scientist, an environmental journalist and nature guide. She treats us to astonishing stories of how nature heals and shows us the path to “re-wilding,” a revolution in consciousness and a reckoning with the “feminine” values of compassion, intuition, and planetary survival.”  


- Rob MacGregor is the author of nineteen novels, and the winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award. Rob is best known for the seven Indiana Jones novels he wrote, including the adaption of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

FINAL SACRED BEE Sacred Earth Secrets -

What is in store for humanity?


The human race faces unprecedented challenges with global warming looming large,

and a worldwide pandemic taking millions of lives.

How did we get here, and what lays ahead for our species and all life on Earth?


Secrets of a Celtic Mystic - Sacred Earth Prophecy 

not only reveals the underlying societal and economic trends

that brought us here but also shows the stunning intelligence of the natural world.

An intelligence that can guide humanity and the Earth back to health and harmony.


Join Catriona MacGregor,

scientist, mystic, and environmentalist, for an unforgettable journey to discover

previously unknown facts about the world we live in.


 Learn about inspiring ways we can positively change our world and uncover a startling prophesy for our times.

Catriona MacGregor’s Secrets of A Celtic Mystic awakens our hearts, minds and senses to the deep memories of our species, to the poetry of bird song, and to the detailed wonder planet Earth and its biosphere. Here, the reader will find life-affirming orientations to gently support involvement in the re-enchantment and re-generation of the world.


This book is permeated by the wisdom of a nature mystic, the prophecy of a high priestess - and the penetrating insights of a 21st century scientist. It is a rare and beautiful repository of authentic soulfulness.”


~ Richard Henry Whitehurst - Educator, psychotherapist, Earth poet, author, international speaker, and founder Overview Institute of Australia and Planetaryhuman.

Secrets of a Celtic Mystic is a glorious vision of how we can re-sacralize our perception of the world, and redeem humankind along the way. It inspires by taking takes us on a captivating journey through a rainbow forest of realities. From the Shamans of Mexico to the ancient Picts of the Orkney islands, from the wisdom of lost civilizations to exotic future technologies like zero-point energy, it shows how our world is interrelated.


Author Catriona MacGregor paints a vivid picture of how disconnected from the natural order we humans have become. Yet she gives us dozens of entry points back into harmony with each other and nature, from wild horses to birdsong. Join her on this enchanting journey, as she uses poetry, mythology, whimsy, and spirituality to invite us all back to the place our hearts know we belong.


~ Dawson Church, best-selling author of Mind to Matter and Bliss Brain


Secrets of a Celtic Mystic, is the most hopeful, lyrical, and profound book I read all year. Catriona McGregor in her light filled, authentic voice, translates the urgent cry from our brother, sister animal, birds, and the life giving plants and trees — opening us to our almost lost, spiritual senses, reminding us of our reliance and shared nature of all life and the planet. She shares her transformative stories — from being a lost child in the woods, to her most recent vision quest, where she journeys with wise, trickster coyote.


At the crossroads of human and planetary evolution — Catriona MacGregor, a green, mystic warrior, teaches us to be the black stallion who breaks free — to see, know, and explore our true nature and connection to all life. She most importantly gives us stories of Earth Healers, young and old, who are planting, preserving, and working to save Middle Earth. I will gladly give this book to all my brothers, sister and friends! I've met Cartriona MacGregor — you too will want to follow her into the deep to meet the mystical. 

—Joan Rose Staffen, author of The Book of Pendulum Healing, Charting Your Healing Course for Mind, Body, and Spirit, and Psychic Healer. 

 “Like a large tree, MacGregor’s practical mysticism in Secrets of a Celtic Mystic has taken root in my soul while imposing tendrils of optimism at will.  I am turned upside down and now have a view of the stars while smelling the earth. Book groups beware, when your minds find refreshment in this book’s depths, your dreams for the world will demand exposure.” 


~ Susie Herrick, author and psychotherapist.

Snowy Woodland Trees

I am so deeply stirred by Secrets of a Celtic Mystic--Sacred Earth Prophesy, especially at this time on the Earth as we experience a great unraveling of society as we know it. Within these pages are the foundational elements needed to survive and thrive into the future. Sacred Earth invites each of us to pull at the strands of our life and feel the exquisite weave of our interconnectedness--to our past, to each other, and to the Earth itself.


Through stories and prophecies, Catriona illuminates the sacred within each of us, calls forth the feminine, and invites us to partner with Nature to regenerate our world. “

~ Melinda Kramer, Founder and Co-Director, Womens Earth Alliance

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