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Oh the Memories

We’ve Made!

Orkney, Scotland Retreat

Women's Retreat

Children's Retreat

Animal Friends


Orkney, Islands, Scotland Retreat


Orkney Islands, Scotland

Animal Friends

Women's Retreat

Children's Retreat

Orkney Island, Scotland

Catriona with Dogs at Tree
Baby Birds in Hand
Childrens Hands Together
Children Circle on Hill
Mouse face
Girls Quest 2008 tree group tall
Girls Quest Catriona leads hike
Squirrel in Hand
White Buffalo small

Women's Retreat

Youth Quest & Girls Quest

Doing the Vision Quest is one of the greatest gifts I gave to myself this year.

From the moment I said yes to the invitation my life began to soar.

The processes before the Quest weekend were very powerful and thus

very encouraging for what was ahead.

The Quest itself was deep, rich and powerful, continuing through the ensuing months.

N.L. California

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