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Speaking Engagements

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Catriona is available for speaking engagements, workshops and book presentations. Catriona is an engaging, informed and passionate speaker. Catriona has presented to national and international audiences. She has conducted over 100 radio Interviews, and appeared on TV. She always presents timely and interesting topics, and frames the discussion so to engage the audience.


Catriona runs Nature Outings that run from a half day to an overnight. She also runs two longer Nature Quests annually (5 to 8 nights) and will occasionally run a Nature Quest at the request of a group (between 8-12 people)

A few of the themes that Catriona can discuss to a variety of different audiences in the US and Internationally are premiered below:


A sample of Presentations & Workshops:

  • “Partnering with Nature”

  • “What Trees Know”

  • Discover Your Spirit Animal : Discover Yourself 

  • Biomimicry

  • Meditation in Nature

  • Light Beings& Faeries Movie - Power Point & Images

  • > The Wisdom of the Wilds

  • > Global Environmental Trends & Shifts

  • > Plants As Evolutionary Masters

  • > Nature Writing Workshop: Inspiring Wonder & Creativity in Nature

  • > Past Life Journey

  • > Soul Journeys

  • > Sacred Places

  • > Bring the Healing Power of Nature into Your Home

  • > The Elements: Earth, Water, Fire & Earth, & Ether

  • Breatharianism Philosophy and Practice

  • Energy Dowsing

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Nature Guide Events

Book Catriona to lead a Nature Quest, or day outing.

Book Signing Events

Invite Catriona as a Guest to your Book Club!

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Book Club Events

Invite Catriona as a Guest to your Book Club!

Guest Speaker Events

Book Catriona as a Key Speaker at your Event!

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Group Class Teachings

Book Catriona for a Class Teaching!

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