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Letter of Intention

When we set an intention in motion, the universe has a tendency to align with that intention.


This is because thoughts are vibrations and what we think can and does effect the environment around us .

Writing Letters

A "Letter of Intent" serves four useful purposes:

1. Creating an intent statement focuses your desired direction, and  begins the process of declaring your intentions to yourself and the  universe – this act comes with great power. By writing down our intention as words on paper, you are taking the first step to  manifest your intentions and bring them from dreams and thoughts to  concrete reality. Just as an architect always starts with a drawing or architectural plan, you can start with a written intention.

2.  By manifesting your intent in written form, you can share it  with others, who can help you amplify the power of our intent.

3. You Can go back to your intent statement as a way of measuring your progress over time.

4. Last but not least – I read handwriting – and by reading your  handwriting and getting to know you in this way I can better support you on your journey.



How to do a Letter of Intent  (Follow Instructions Carefully)

Please use a blank (unlined) 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper  

Place it landscape (not vertical!!) to do your writing. Write in your own handwriting with black or dark ink pen and fill  in both sides of the paper with your writing. 


Do not write block lettering- write script! !! (I cannot read the Block writing and letters must be written in a flowing cursive or script style)


Put your full name, full date of birth and the present date at the top.


Answer one of these questions: (Your Choice)

1. “ My Intention for this ____(Quest, Retreat, Trilogy Session is _______.


2. "IF I had the one thing I miss the most in this world what would my life be like?" 



Write the letter in present tense "as if" you now have your intention fulfilled or what you miss is NOW here in your life....

Make it as real as you can by adding details to what your day/life is like because of this fulfillment.
As you write, seek to experience the happiness and joy that you are feeling about having your intention manifested in your life NOW.

It often helps to pretend you are writing to a good friend or family member close to you –to express your good fortune.

Do not worry about punctuation....:)!!!

Once you are done you can mail it to:

Catriona MacGregor 1560 Lake Vera Purdon Road, Nevada City, California 95959

- or if there is not enough time for it to reach me by mail 3 days prior to your session or call -  scan and email it to me at 


Best wishes and blue skies,

Catriona MacGregor

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