Nature Quest©

Reclaim a sense of Wonder, find Joy, Experience Peace, Connect to Your Soul.


Join Catriona MacGregor, Founder of Nature Quest and Award Winning Author of Partnering with Nature and Secrets of a Celtic Mystic.

Discover the Wild Path to Connecting with the Earth

on a Vision Quest, Nature Quest, or Spiritual Retreat.

These days, we spend more time indoors or in cars commuting - leaving little time for deep inner journeys or quiet walks in the woods. We miss the subtle changes in the wind, the calls of birds, the smell of the land beneath our feet, the wonder of the night sky. But all these profound joys are waiting to be remembered and rediscovered. The Earth speaks to us all if we just take a moment to listen.


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New Ancient Nature Quest© 

- Orkney, Scotland

May 20-May 27th, 2020

Discover a Mystical Land That Time Forgot:

Explore Neolithic Sites Thousands of Years Older than the Pyramids & Stonehenge

Join this spiritual journey to a land where ancient traditions dwarfed civilizations 6000 years ago.

  • Find the clarity of your own soul.

  • Discover ancient secrets in a mystical land. 

  • Commune with the powerful energy of the land.

  • Explore over have a dozen ancient sites.

  • Enjoy moderate walks in nature to see puffins and seals.

  • Gain profound awareness of sacred realms.

  • Receive Visions that come from a timeless realm.

  • Connect to your spiritual source.

  • Benefit from greater self-knowledge & greater meaning in your life.

Hawaii Ancient Rythms
Spiritual Nature Quest - 2019

February 13-20 2019

The Hawaiian Islands are endowed with a powerful energy that can support transformational positive changes. 


If these beautiful islands are calling to you - it may be time for you to take that step to discover & re-engage your life's passion.


  The intention of the Spiritual Nature Quest is to provide you with a deeply profound inner and outer journey leading to renewal and transformation. 


You will benefit from innovative and powerful practices that support new empowering ways of living, while clearing away limiting emotional and mental clutter and old habits. 


You will gain greater self-understanding, and the strength and clarity to re-engage in your life’s purpose with passion and joy.

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Women’s Spirit

& Nature Quest©
Rekindling the Spirit

April 9th to April 14th, 2020

Nevada City in the Sierras of California


"Teach us to walk the soft earth As relatives to all that live”

- Lakota Prayer

No less than Modern Day Alchemy - The Women's Spiritual Nature Quest is a  Life Changing Experience.

Powerfully Transform Your Life through a deeply profound inner and outer journey & by way of Healing Your Relationships: to Self, Others, the Earth & the Sacred.