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"This is a work of soul poetry both from the heart of nature and the heart of a woman tasked with awakening humanity to who and what we really are. Prepare to be moved beyond yourself, into communion with the sacred forces of life."

- review by Clare Dubois 

Book "Secrets of a Celtic Mystic - Sacred Earth Prophecy" by Catriona MacGregor

SKU: 364215376135191

    "What is in store for humanity?

    The human race faces unprecedented challenges with global warming looming large,and a worldwide pandemic taking millions of lives. How did we get here, and what lays ahead for our species and all life on Earth? "Secrets of a Celtic Mystic - Sacred Earth Prophecy"not only reveals the underlying societal and economic trends that brought us herebut also shows the stunning intelligence of the natural world. An intelligence that can guide humanity and the Earth back to health and harmony.

    Join Catriona MacGregor,scientist, mystic, and environmentalist, for an unforgettable journey to discoverpreviously unknown facts about the world we live in.

    Learn about inspiring ways we can positively change our world and uncover a startling prophesy for our times.


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