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Nature Quest© Women's Quest

Step Into the Heart of Nature: To Discover Your True Nature

Women’s Spirit & Nature Quest©
Rekindling the Spirit
April 21-23, 2023

Nevada City in the Sierras of California



"Teach us to walk the soft earth
As relatives to all that live”
- Sioux Prayer

The Women's Spiritual Nature Quest is Modern Day Alchemy -

Powerfully Transform Your Life through a deeply profound inner and outer journey & by way of Healing Your Relationships: to Self, the Earth & the Sacred.

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"A Quest of any kind is a heroic journey. It is a rite of passage that carries you to an inner place of silence and majesty and encourages you to live life more courageously and genuinely. I highly recommend Catriona's quests. They are truly sojourns of the heart."~Denise Linn

Participants will benefit from proven practices that Catriona developed which support discovering that inner peace filled core that lies within the heart of each of us.. 

Catriona will provide every participant with a private and unique reading that will help them identify their strengths as well as limitations that may be holding them back. Through gentle and supportive processes each woman will be guided to better understand her unique nature, let go of blockages and old ways of thinking, and embrace a future filled with purpose and passion.

This woman-focused retreat  includes: Strengthening your connection to the Divine Feminine, Tapping into “Different Ways of Knowing, Understanding Your Energy Field, Conducting Powerful Meditations & Going on Shamanic Journeys, Connecting with the Land, Animals, and Trees, Exploring Your Past Lives, Connecting to Your Spiritual Allies, Tapping into Your Intuition, Applying Practices that Can Connect You to Your Inner Guidance Daily, Connecting to the Deep Wisdom of Your Body.

The Retreat Lovingly Includes:

Three days and two nights of retreat - stay at a peaceful Lodge overlooking Tahoe National Forest Lands. Experience mystical practices every day, along with beautiful outings in nature

Visit STUNNING 17,000 Tulip Garden, Beautiful terraced gardens, expansive vistas, and peace at a beautiful garden with a Chapel inspired by the Porziuncola of Saint Francis. Enjoy vegetarian lunch and meditate on the grounds of this spiritual haven.
Hikes to the Sacred Yuba River:  


Womens Retreat House.gif

Gain Insight About Your Unique Strengths and Limitations    

Discover Simple Techniques to Enhance Your Strengths & Overcome Your Limitations

        > Find inner peace

        > Find answers from the heart

        > Connect deeply with nature and other living things

        > Face fears and step into courage

        > Deepen meditation practice and/or learn to meditate

        > Communicate with animals, the trees, the earth, and spirit helpers

        > Contemplate life's purpose and receive signs about life's meaning

        > Be at one with god/the creator/the universe, oneself.


Your Destination! the Sparkling Sierra Foothills

Nevada City, has been listed among the top 10 travel destinations by Lonely Planet. ! and is rated #2 of best “river cities” in America by Outside magazine. !


Much of the city's downtown area (bisected by Broad Street) is in the National Register of Historic Places. Many beautiful Victorians date from the 19th century.

This is the gateway to Tahoe National Forest with theater companies, alternative film houses, bookstores and live music venues put on shows almost every night. Nevada City’s streets, best navigated on foot, are especially lively in the summer. To learn more about the region click go to:


The Quest is being held at Owl Lodge and is easy to get to. It is located in Nevada City, California just 1.5 miles from the downtown. It is a one (1) hour drive from the Sacramento Airport, and 95 minutes from the Oakland and San Francisco Airports. (Go To for more local travel information).

Book Early & Obtain Accommodations at Peaceful Owl Lodge: Our Retreat Center or Receive Recommendations for other Local Accommodations.

-Owl Lodge Offers the perfect retreat/get-away for those seeking a peaceful, private and beautiful spot.
Enjoy inspiring views of forest lands from the deck. At night observe thousands of stars in the sky.   The Lodge sits on top of a hillside on four acres overlooking Tahoe National Forest Lands while just 2 minutes drive from historic Nevada City's theater, local shops, and gourmet restaurants.

Program Pricing:
$595 (Includes Accommodation "shared" at Owl Lodge Plus 2 Breakfasts, 1 lunch & 2 Dinners ($Extra $75 for a single room)
A Deposit of $250 is required to Hold Your Place along with a completed registration form.


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