""Step into the Heart of Nature

  to Discover Your Wild Soul."

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Transformative Experiences

"Reclaim a sense of Wonder, find Joy, experience Peace, connect to Your Soul.

Catriona MacGregor

Celtic Wise Medicine Woman, Founder of Nature Quest

and Award Winning Author of

"Partnering with Nature - The Wild Path to Connecting with the Earth"

Author of a new book,

Secrets of a Celtic Mystic

- Sacred Earth Prophecy

FINAL SACRED BEE Sacred Earth Secrets -

What is in store for humanity?
The human race faces unprecedented challenges with global warming looming large,

and a worldwide pandemic taking millions of lives.

How did we get here, and what lays ahead for our species and all life on Earth?

"Secrets of a Celtic Mystic - Sacred Earth Prophesy"

not only reveals the underlying societal and economic trends that brought us here

but also shows the stunning intelligence of the natural world.

An intelligence that can guide humanity and the Earth back to health and harmony.

Join Catriona MacGregor,

Scientist, Mystic, and Environmentalist,

for an unforgettable journey to discover previously unknown facts about the world we live in.
Learn about inspiring ways we can positively change our world and uncover a startling prophesy for our times.

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Secrets of  a Celtic Mystic

Earth Day Special

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Speaking Engagements

Book Catriona for your book store event,

radio program, podcast, or Speaking Event.

Catriona is an engaging and insightful speaker and presenter. She has experience presenting to large groups (up to 1,000) and to small, intimate groups at bookstores and other venues.

Catriona was the Producer of Earthyscope Media for 15 years. She was interviewed by hosts on over 80 radio programs, and on national television.

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Clients & Friends

Deep down inside me, I thought that maybe

I was special in my own way.

Thank you Catriona for helping me arrive there.

Diana, New York State

Antler in Nature

Nature Quest© 


"Reclaim a Sense of Wonder, Find Joy,       Experience Peace & Connect to Your Soul."

"These days, we spend more time indoors on computers or tv screens or in cars commuting - leaving little time for deep inner journeys or quiet walks in the woods.


We miss the subtle changes in the wind, the calls of birds, the smell of the land beneath our feet, the wonder of night sky. But all these profound joys are waiting to be remembered and rediscovered."

Discover Your Wild Soul!

Catriona MacGregor,

Celtic Wise Medicine Woman

  • Experience a Nature Quest© or Nature Outing

  • Benefit from an Ancient Celtic Reading based on your birthday

  • Learn Dream & Sign Interpretation

  • Discover Your Animal Spirit

  • Go on a Shamanic Past Life Journey

  • Become a Bretharian

Video:  3.3 minutes